Night and Day: Georges Braque’s Diaries

A selection of wisdom words from the painter, who along with Pablo Picasso, invented Cubism.

Ida Kar's photograph of Georges Braque

  • One cannot ask more of the artist than he can give, nor of the critic more than he can see.
  • Emotion cannot grow nor be imitated; it represents the seed, the work of art represents the bud.
  • Those who follow: the pure, the whole, the blind, the eunuchs.
  • I do not do as I wish; I do what I can.
  • Art is made to disturb, science to reassure.
  • Those who walk in front turn their backs on those who follow; that is what followers deserve.
  • Truth exists; one only invents the nightmare.
  • There are some works which make the artist think, others which make men think. I have often heard of Manet’s talent but never of Cezanne’s.
  • In art there can be no effect without a deformation of the truth.
  • Progress in art does not consist in extending frontiers, but in knowing them better.

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Photo: Georges Braque by Ida Kar, 1960. (Credit)

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